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Bruse Wane

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Bruse Wane

Bruse Wane

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New music here from Bruse Wayne, hip hop artist out of New York City with his new music video 'Brighter Days'. In a time where black people in America are tired of being treated like lower class citizens, Bruse Wayne speaks on what kind of life they deserve. Bruse also speaks on the appreciation he has on his up bringing, his strong mother, the projects, the New York Streets that made him. 

Man, they lynched us and mobbed us, said we was soulless and godless, but black don’t crack, our contributions to history, indisputable and marvelous...
— Bruse Wane

The beat is very golden age hip hop in sound with a dope sample playing throughout. Bruse has a easy to listen flow and delivers his words clearly, each sentence is heart felt. This song is very uplifting and positive in subject matter, a perfect counter to the some of the negative images we see today. You also get to see some of the landmarks of New York City. The atmosphere pulls you in, even through the video, you can just feel the energy of the NYC lifestyle. Be sure to check out Bruse Wane's video 'Brighter Days' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!