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Verified Fresh

Cleveland, Ohio

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New music here from Verified Fresh, hip hop artist out of Cleveland, Ohio with his new single "Theme Song" featuring Glomaskirk and Tre Planes. Verified Fresh is following up his last release "The Package" with a more club ready single and adding B.A.$.H. to the track guarantees to make it hype. The production is solid, has a trap sound with some basic sounds but when it's all put together its a good beat to flow over. 

I don’t care what it cost me now, all this money got me flossing now...
— Verified Fresh

"Theme Song" is made for having fun, thats the vibe I get from it instantly. A lot of new music gets dropped everyday and sometimes it gets hectic trying to take it all in. However, "Theme Song" is perfect in that its just for the turn up. Just cut it on and let it play at a party or car ride with the squad and the hype vibe is infectious. Listen to "Theme Song" in the link above and let us know what you think in the comments below!