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Thuh Kôz

Mansfield, Ohio

The husband and wife duo Thuh Kôz has built a reputation for good vibes and hosting parties throughout central Ohio. They are ready to drop their first EP this summer to expand their positivity through their music. "Jay" and "T" have worked together on their music for six years, finding inspiration from various elements of life. Their vibe is one of urban inclusion, equality and positivity. They have accomplished bringing life to the parties they host and are now going to further their reach by bringing music with beats that cannot be ignored and lyrics that inspire connection.

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Twitter - @Thuhkoz / Instagram - @Down4_Thuhkoz


New music video here from Thuh Koz, hip hop group out of Mansfield, Ohio, with their new music video 'Creep Life'. The beat has a west coast Bay area vibe, basic sounds but a melody with a nice bounce. T, the female artist of the group, starts the track off with a rapid fire flow and confident lyrics. Just in her vocal tone alone, you can tell she put a lot of time into her craft and is serious about her message. 

They be wilding and they just creeped up on us, was on they level they just leaped up on us...
— Jamison (Thuh Koz)

J, the second half of the duo, brings up the second verse and also delivers a fast flow with great mic presence. J is keeping it clear that he not coming to cause any problems but he is prepared for any issues that may go down. 'Creep Life' has a dope message in that it's not one that is encouraging violence but rather being on your toes and handling your business as it comes to you.

The visuals are clean as Dream Vision Plus does the work behind the camera. The lighting effects are a simple touch but very effective. The strip club setting, money shooting guns, and flare scene all help bring the music video to life. 'Creep Life' is excellent execution overall by Thuh Koz. Be sure to check out the music video above and let us know what you think in the comments below!