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Washington D.C.

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New music video here from Noochie, hip hop artist out of Washington D.C. with his music video 'Gutta'. The intro shows scenery of the Washington D.C. area and you can feel the beat building into something monumental. You can also feel that Noochie is doing this song not for himself but to speak for his city and represent them well. 

My OG’s told me they bet not ever catch me out here bangin the trap, cuz you the one to get us outta here so they told me to stick to this rap...
— Noochie

It's always a dream of an aspiring artist to make a hit single that speaks for his city and Noochie has exactly that. The visuals showcase all the love Noochie receives from his hometown and they are representing their home sports teams and the love is moving to see. Noochie brings a confident flow, real lyrics, and his own original persona on this track. The hook is simple yet catchy and is perfect for a live show. Be sure to check out 'Gutta' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!