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Yung Broly

Cleveland, Ohio


Yung Broly aka Nimbus High Broly is back with a new single featuring the talented uprising star from Cleveland Curly Chuck. Production by DJ Young Kash this is a dope track for motivation. Never give up on what you stand for! 

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New music here from Yung Broly and Curly Chuck, hip hop artist out of Cleveland, Ohio with 'HowUSound'. Starting off with the production, it has a smooth trap sound, reminds me a little bit of Zaytoven. The beat makes it easy for the artists to flow over the track and the transition is smooth when Curly Chuck makes his appearance. 

'HowUSound' in itself is something people from Cleveland say and this song also has that throwback vibe to the indy scene in the early 2000s. Broly brings a chorus that also highlights that period, the flow has a singing tone and we always bragging and letting you know where you messing up.

Curly Chuck brings his specialties to the track as he is known for his flow and punchlines. Representing ForTheWxnners, Curly Chuck multi syllable scheme and ability to connect culture to the music stands out. He brings a dope features verse that adds a variation from Yung Broly's earlier flow. It's really a solid collab and it feels as if the artists had a chemistry when putting the lyrics together. Be sure to check out 'HowUSound' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!