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New music video here from Gabi Sklar, songstress out of New York City titled 'LA Changes You'. LA is definitely a hot destination for many Americans today. Lots of people from all of the country visit and even move to Los Angeles, California for the weather and opportunities for stardom. Gabi Sklar speaks on some of the unfortunate stories of those who go to LA and end up heading down the wrong path. With so many artists showcasing the money and fame, it's important to see Gabi Sklar speaking on some of the harsher realties as well. 

Vocally, Gabi does an amazing job. The song is performed very well and the engineer did great work in blending the instrumental and vocals into a smooth track. Visually, the special effects really help tell the story and bring to life what the song is about. The scenes are artistically set up for Gabi's performances and its a very solid introduction for anyone new to Gabi Sklar's music. Be sure to check out 'LA Changes You' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!