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Houston, Texas

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New music here from Von5019, hip hop artist out of Houston, Texas with his latest single 'Ambitions Part 2'. Off the rip, Von brings you some real talk, soulful speech, and confident bars over a smooth beat. Aryon MC is Von's go to producer and he always laces him with the perfect background to Von's introspective lyrics. The production on 'Ambitions Part 2' reminds me of a Kanye West beat in that the main melody stands out and uses sounds you don't hear often. However, the baseline and percussion elements have the familiar boom bap that ties everything together. 

Remember them trashing the flow, they aint think I would blow, but I had Kanye’s ego since I was Edgar Allen Poe...
— Von5019

Self reflective, positive, inspiring. These are words that help describe Von5019 as an artist and he keeps it going strong on 'Ambitions Part 2'. Every artist has a niche but not every artist falls into their calling. Von5019 is really good at staying in his lane and giving you what he knows best. For anyone looking for smooth, solid hip hop beats with wise, forward thinking lyrics be sure to check out 'Ambitions Part 2' and let us know what you think in the comments below!