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New music here from J Harris, multi-talented artist out of North Carolina with his latest music video 'Narcotic'. The song begins with an eerie piano melody but when the strings and bells are added it becomesa smooth RnB instrumental. J Harris provides a catchy melody and lingo to the track which really heightens the replay value. J Harris is great at allowing his talents to accent the beat without clashing or taking away from the music.

The music video is very well directed and filmed, all of the emotion the song describes is clearly depicted. It's awesome to see videos that can take a song's concept and bring the idea to life, this video is much more than performance scenes. I especially like the hidden location that J Harris and the female lead are transported to in their minds. J Harris is offering a new experience and its a drastic change from her normal life with the mistrust but one with adventure and class. Be sure to check out 'Narcotic' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!