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Cleveland, Ohio

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New music here from Sav, hip hop artist out of Cleveland, Ohio with his single 'Balance'. From the jump you can tell Sav is coming from a different perspective. Not being satisfied with just materialistic things or status but instead looking for a balance. A combination of what you want and what you need that will bring you happiness. Rosco is the featured artist on 'Balance' and brings a rapid fire flow to start off the second verse. Rosco adds a perfect balance to the track as he evens out the real, somber mood Sav brings with his own energy. 

'Balance' is an aptly named title for this track and a great song to start your week. We all need balance in our lives and in contrast to some of the reckless, hoard it all music we are used to hearing, why not think about what we need or what is realistic? Big ups to Sav and Rosco for sending this track to Yesterdays Nothing, be sure to listen to 'Balance' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!