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Cleveland, Ohio


Born & raised in Cleveland, OH. 24, Ball is Life[🏀] . Live Forreal Music. Brush High School. All time leading scorer. Kings James basketball. 

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New artist here to Yesterdays Nothing as hip hop artist Fatzforreal brings his new single 'What They Saying'. Fatzforreal is brand new to the Cleveland hip hop scene and is representing the 'LiveForreal' team, who is also new to the city. The energy is high, as well as the confidence in Fatz debut single. The production features some original sounds and is a little different from the current sound today but it's refreshing to hear an artist take a different route. The beat is one that  can get your head nodding but also leaves room for you to catch the lyrics. 

I committed to this goal, got it inscribed on my flesh, amongst my other desires, we just approaching our crest, thats cuz this the new wave...
— Fatzforreal

'What They Sayin' gives you just enough to learn about Fatzforreal but also leaves you wanting more music. Its apparent his goal here is to put on for his team, make sure his family good, and prove he can be one of the best and most successful rappers to do it. We are proud to introduce you to his new music so be sure to check out 'What They Sayin' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!