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Michael In The Middle

Cleveland, Ohio


Remix to Lil' Wayne's "OFF OFF" track dedicated to the cavaliers. #MiTM introduces the big Tunechi flow paying respects to his favorite artists of all time Lil' Wayne aka Lil Tunechi.

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New music here from Michael in the Middle (MiTM) hip hop artist out of Cleveland, Ohio with 'Off Off'. Earlier in June, Lil Wayne released a freestyle supporting the Cleveland Cavaliers and their title run. MiTM chose the same beat and decided to pay homage to Lil Wayne and his different flows and punchlines. The concept is dope in that I haven't heard many upcoming artists make songs showing respect like this, MiTM also does a great job using Lil Wayne's signature sounds.

Money been the motive, may have been the coldest, count it up and stash it, Magic gotta flash it, Kobe never pass it, dish it catastraphic, roll down my window and crash a crowd in traffic...
— Michael In The Middle

All in all, 'OffOff' is one you'll want to check out because its purely artistic in nature. Instead of trying to get you to act this song just wants you to catch the appreciation for the styles Lil Wayne has brought to rap music. This is MiTM's second feature on Yesterdays Nothing so be sure to check out his other music and let us know what you think of 'OffOff' below!