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Cleveland, Ohio


#GetRightOrGetLeft2 #ComingSoon. Working Hard.. Patiently waiting for my turn....Proper Preparation For Perfect Timing = Success... when you GOT what it takes, and not THINKING you got what it takes...

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New music video from DUB, Cleveland hip hop artist with his new music video 'Get Right or Get Left'. The first thing that jumps out to me about this video is the contrast in the scenes. In the early clips, you see Dub in his room and it seems like he hustling or working to get to a new place. Later on in the music video, you see Dub in the bandana riding on top of the Challenger. The difference in looks is dope in that it shows how we can play different roles at different times. Ced Lynch is behind the camera and he does an awesome job with the video quality and editing. The beat reminds you of some of our classic Cleveland club beats. That vintage sound has some synths that take you back to Atlanta trap but it also has a slower overall tempo.

I’m from Ohio where niggas will sense if you hollin, no dollars you psycho for real, talkin bout wait, musta been lipo, seems your bio was a typo...

Passion and hunger are definitely two words to describe Dub as an artist. In this music video, in his mannerisms, lyrics, and sound you can hear how much Dub feels his words. Coming from Cleveland, it's a city with a lot of competition and where only the strongest survive. Dub brings the proper energy to show that he is an upcoming artist that plans to stay on the scene for a while. Be sure to watch 'Get Right or Get Left' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!