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Michael In The Middle

Columbus, Ohio

Michael In The Middle

Michael In The Middle


MiTM goes in over Kanye West' "Real Friends" instrumental. Not a single cuss word. The kid is dope.

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New music here from Michael in the Middle, hip hop artist out of Columbus, Ohio with his Real Friends freestyle. MiTM is back on Yesterdays Nothing with another free verse and it shows his consistency and desire to prove he is the best. The last release was paying homage to Lil Wayne, this next one shows love to Kanye West. Real Friends is one of the stand out tracks on Kanye's latest album and a real smooth beat to rap on. 

I’m showing in hand to hand I’ll probably body ya man, money is the motive the coldest is checking in”
— Michael In The Middle

MiTM brings his own energy to the beat as he goes over different situations and mind sets he experiences on his road to success. The moral here is as women come and go and friends do the same, MiTM has always been focused on making the best music. Be sure to check out 'Real Friends' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!