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Jonah Cruzz

Atlanta, Georgia

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New music video here from Jonah Cruzz, Atlanta hip hop artist with 'Multiply'. The first thing that strikes me about this song is the chemistry. The connection between the artist's voice and the beat is perfect. Jonah Cruzz creates a vibe where you rock out to the beat but you listening to a message at the same time. 

And it ain’t that you hate me, you just mad that you ain’t try, to put that time and work in now you searching for a god.
— Jonah Cruzz

The music video is original and the visuals are crisp. The desert backdrop and the palm trees, lens flare, and goggles really bring out the desert oasis feel. Multiply is done very well musically and visually, much respect to the producer, engineer, and videographer. Be sure to check out 'Multiply' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!