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R the Czar

Cleveland, Ohio

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Twitter - @MartnLutherCzar / Instagram - @RtheCzar


New music here from R the Czar, Cleveland hip hop artist with his new single 'Ray Charles'. I like the sound of this song and it shows the versatility R the Czar can showcase. 'Ray Charles' has a nice uptempo feel but still has a smooth, lyrical quality to it that makes it an R the Czar song. The production is dope, the beat incorporates space synth sounds with a nice production track that brings the dance vibe. 

Guess you could say the ‘R’ stands for risk, calculating, anticipating my greatness.
— R the Czar

R the Czar provides solid verses and a smooth flow that accents the beat. He has the ability to use everyday occurrences and catchy phrases to add energy to his bars like Kanye West. 'Ray Charles' is a different sound from what R the Czar usually brings but it's a great variation. Be sure to listen to 'Ray Charles' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!