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Bre Vibez

Cleveland, Ohio

Bre Vibez

Bre Vibez

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New music here from Bre Vibez, hip hop artist out of Cleveland, Ohio with her new 'Bre Verse - New Level'. Bre Vibez has put in a lot of work in just a short amount of time as she grinds to make her name known. This track is just an example of her work ethic as she release yet another freestyle, she trademarks them as 'Bre Verses' and she has a few more for you to enjoy on her Soundcloud. 

On 'New Level', Bre is feeling confident and hopeful for the future. She said she would be where she is today and she has made it that far. Bre Vibez also goes on to name a few fellow artists who have co signed her, further proving that her music is making a difference. 

Be sure to check out 'New Level' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!