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Philly K . Madi Rindge

Boston, Massachusetts

Philly K . Madi Rindge

Philly K . Madi Rindge

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New music here from Philly K, multi talented artist out of Boston, Massachusetts with the 'California' music video. Philly K is assisted by Madi Rindge, another skilled vocalist who helps him create a powerful duet. The song has a very clear mix and the sound quality really stand out. Philly K and Madi Rindge do a great job of making sure their voices complemented each other on the track. 

Visually, the music video represents leaving the past behind and going to chase your dreams in California. This year we have had a few songs submitted about California on Yesterdays Nothing. Hitting the open road and going after your passion is very relatable and Philly K created another anthem for the artists out there. Be sure to check out the 'California' music video above and let us know what you think in the comments below!