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Album Review


1. Look Up feat 5 on It

Truly an introduction, Look Up is a welcoming invite, it feels like you are being initiated into the crew. Chills uses this track to showcase his lyrical ability and his general mind state about things. 5 on It brings the second verse and a nice flow as well, introducing himself. Sit back, vibe, and join the team. 

2. I Don't Blame Em

On this one Chills brags a little bit. The beat has club instruments but still a smooth tempo and it fits Chills style. The chorus has a soul sample and it really helps give the song it's meaning. Lyrically, Chills gets in his bag and it's cool to see only two tracks in that he is versatile with his subject matter. 

3. Hard to Understand ft A-Juice

This track is very thought provoking. The beat has a smooth old school R and B feel which really adds to the ambience. This soundtrack is perfect for a late night cruise or kicking back at the house. A-Juice brings some added energy to the track and punchlines in his feature verse. Chills presents some situations and asks why life can be so frustrating at times. It's truly hard to understand. 

4. What A Day Freestyle

Almost like a part two to the previous track, What A Day is another venture into the mind of Chills for Real. This song speaks about society today, what you need to do to live, racism, perception. There is so much going on we need to break down each area and think how were going to be successful. If you're the type to sit back and think "what's going on?" from time to time, this song is for you. 

5. Time Moves Back

Right off the bat the instrumental catches your attention. It sounds like Street Fighter or Mario Kart but there is a dope sample in the beat. I'm thinking its from some 16 bit video game. The concept of this song is to always move forward and continue to strive for better despite anything, even time. This track is pure motivation, an uptempo positive way to stay focused. 

6. Misery

The final official track of the album, Misery has the feel of a dope basement cypher. The beat is straight hip hop and has all the elements any boom bap head would respect. Chills swagger is on ten on this track, his flow is confident and he brings some solid metaphors. It takes you back to a time where you would hear your favorite artist get on a dope beat and float. This song also has substance, Chills is great at fitting social commentary into his music and he's able to make you nod your head while considering what's going on at the same time. 


“It’s a matter of ears, a matter of fears, between the last two, I make the latter appear, climbing up to success I took the ladder up here”
— Chills For Real
“I can see why they mad at you, forget em do what you have to do, can’t blame me”
— Chills For Real
“Feeling like a pit bull in a land full of shih tzu, you’ll get a fistful trying to hold me like jujitsu.”
— Chills For Real


I think every hip hop project has a purpose and distinct sound catered to a specific audience. Snow and Palm Trees is for those hip hop listeners who appreciate lyricism, smooth instrumentals, and substance in their music. Chills For Real isn't trying to turn you up or spread violence or negative messages. Chills has a love for the hip hop game and wants to make a positive impact on the world. His lessons about how to handle police brutality, inner city violence, and striving to be the best can be motivational for all of his listeners. Chills For Real has been putting in lots of work over the years and its great to see all of his efforts pay off in the production of his music.

Be sure to check out the album 'Snow and Palm Trees' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!