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New music here from Feerce, hip hop artist out of New Jersey with his new music video 'Body Somebody'. Off the rip, this track gives you a throwback 90s hip hop feel. I get Redman vibes from this video and song, its kind of wild and violent but still hip hop to the core. 'Body Somebody' is needed today because it's dope to hear those songs that remind you of a golden time in hip hop. It allows you to catch the lyrics and feel the beat. 

Visually, Feerce takes you to his area and kicks it with his people. The energy is high and the artists all seem serious and focused in getting the message across. You get that grimy New Jersey feel and I like the scenery and wardrobe of the artists because once again it points back to that 90s era of hip hop. Be sure to check out 'Body Somebody' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!