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Any artist trying to network get at me! If you feeling the music share it, then get at me! I'm not on any Hollywood type shit. I just wanna provide the best quality music possible, eat Popeyes, and drink the finest of Brandy. Get @ me!

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New music here from Von5019 hip hop artist out of Houston, Texas with his 'LTIO Freestyle'. Off the rip, you hear a Kanye West style beat with a soul sample that then gets chopped up and sped up when the verses begin. The production is solid, you don't hear many beats today that make use of that vintage Dipset sped up sample sound. It's cool to hear a beat that brings that type of energy back. 

Von does a great job complimenting the beat with the topics of his verses. Each verse is a confident, story telling type rhyme that really goes well with the instrumental. Von's rapid flow gives it a Lil Wayne feel and the honesty once again reminds you of Kanye West. This track is a bit of a contrast to the slower more introspective music we get from Von. Be sure to check out 'LTIO Freestyle' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!