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Von Swagger

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Von Swagger

Von Swagger

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New music video here from Von Swagger, hip hop artist from Cleveland, Ohio with his new music video 'Crush A Lot'. Crush A Lot is filmed by Ced Lynch, who never disappoints when it comes to his work behind the video camera. The video has a fun feel and the setting is different from that in most rap videos, a modeling audition. I also like the circular rotation the camera made during certain parts of the video it gave it a cool feel. 

As a song, Crush A Lot is also done as well. You can the sample/homage paid in the beat to a familiar old school sound. 'Crush A Lot' is one of Von Swagger's most well known songs, a perfect choice for a music video. He has been working hard and very consistent as of late with his shows, music, and music videos. Be sure to check out Crush A Lot above and let us know what you think in the comments below!