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Fame and Fly Tye

Cleveland, Ohio

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New music here from Cleveland hip hop artists Fame and Fly Tye, with their new music video 'AMG'. This one is trap music to the core and instantly catches your attention. The beat is wavy and the artists use it to its fullest potential. Fame and Fly Tye showcase a nice chemistry here trading bars like Kiss and Styles used to back in the day, its refreshing to hear.

The visuals are shot by Sceneamatix who does a great job in bringing the lyrics to life. From the opening club scene, to the trap, count up, and flex scenes the visuals really connect to the song. First word that comes to mind is 'Hollin' because thats exactly what Fame and Fly Tye are doing. (For those who don't know hollin is Cleveland slang for flexing/showing off).

Be sure to check out 'AMG' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!