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Cat Clyde

Stratford, Ontario

Cat Clyde

Cat Clyde

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New music here from Cat Clyde, with her latest music video 'Mama Said'. Visually, the music video has a real down-home feel. The guitars, trailer, and wooded area help you feel as if your far away from the city and more with nature. Cat Clyde's guitar playing also makes it feel as if she's at home reminiscing over good times.

Musically, Cat Clyde has a melodic voice. She is talented in her ability to change notes, it's as if her voice is an instrument of its own. The lyrics are relatable and Cat Clyde's delivery of the words make them memorable. This song just takes you to another place for a moment, a past time where things were more simple. Be sure to check out 'Mama Said' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!