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New music here from MARV, with his latest mixtape '7EVEN'. A perfect way to start out 2017, MARV is back with 7 all new tracks for his listeners. MARV has always been lyrical, creative, and strong with the adlibs and on this new project there is also a new level of comfort in his style. MARV delivers each word with purpose and you can hear the confidence he has in his music making ability. 

'7aved' is the opening track, produced by Cleveland's own Clockwork and its an opera laden beat with strong percussion. The sound of the beat alone will grab your attention and MARV adding his signature style really makes the track his own. Another standout is the 'OOOUUU' freestyle where MARV keeps a consistent flow like the original, but he adds his own lingo and flair to make it an official MARV remix. Be sure to check out '7EVEN' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!