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New music here from J-Wonn, singer out of Jackson, Mississippi with his new music video '24/7'. Its refreshing to see an artist take it back to the traditional RnB roots in a climate where everything is pop and hip hop driven. J-Wonn is clearly a talented vocalist and paired with a soulful instrumental he creates a truly melodic sound. Even the subject matter and approach to the record is appreciated as it's one that uplifts the women which is something a majority of music today is lacking. 

Visually, '24/7' does a perfect job in capturing the moods the music brings about. The visuals are clear, crisp, and bright which match up with the happy, light hearted sound of the music. J-Wonn does a great job in showing his artistry as well. You can see from his performance scenes how strongly he believes in his words and he shows how much emotion he puts into his lyrics. Be sure to check out '24-7' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!