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Mile$ Grant

Jacksonville, Florida


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Album Review

Made The Team

Hip hop and hoop dreams have always been at a parallel and the opening track shows that connection. Skits at the beginning and end of the record show the passion a hooper has for the game. The production has a moderate tempo, the feel is high energy but it also sounds like an introduction. Mile$ Grant showcases his signature production skills as unique instruments and dope breakdowns constantly occur on the beat.

Cream of the Crop

An eerie synth is found at the onset of this record, followed by wavy percussion. The chorus has a nice bounce and is easy to commit to memory. This record has a club feel with the subject matter more trap related. Mile$ Grant brings a slow flow that he often starts and stops creating an original rhythm. He speaks as an expert of the game, giving you the ins and outs to the underground lifestyle. 

I Run The Game

Mike MJR is featured on the hook, adding the first R&B elements to the project. The singing fits with the slower more introspective production. The words are motivational and confident, each line building more momentum from the last. This record speaks on how tough it is to be the best in the game and why Mile$ Grant has what it takes to accomplish this task. 

1741 (1299 Part 2)

A sped up soul sample is the center of this record, creating a relaxing mood for this record. Fitting but hard hitting production is layered underneath creating a solid instrumental. Mile$ Grant once again comes from an introspective space giving you insight on his perspective. The delivery here is confident and strong, he means every word he says. He also changes up the flow halfway through the song showcasing his lyrical ability. 

Lord Forgive Me / Take A Trip 2

Bringing back more of his OG sound, Mile$ Grant produces another dope soundtrack. The unexpected changes and unique sounds really make this beat stand out. The hook is another strong point on this record as it’s simple but repetitive. Mile$ paints abstract pictures of his visions of a better life and motivates you to follow him on his journey.


This record brings a boom bap, hip hop feel to the project. The beat is a slow tempo with one loop but it leaves a lot of room for the artist to work. Mile$ takes advantage of this by using most of the record to talk to the listener. You get a sense of determination out of Mile$ words. This also ties in with the sample at the end of the tired artist giving an interview about how they persevered. 


Kobe Bryant is an inspirational figure because of his work ethic and passion for winning. Mile$ Grant takes this same energy and sends it out musically. The production here is solid, it’s a mellow vibe but a unique tone on the lead synth really helps it stand out. Mile$ Grant brings a steady flow, again speaking to listeners with an almost one on one feel. The sound bytes referencing Kobe also help bring the concept of the record full circle. 


They Georgetown pressing, another Christian, I love y’all birdies, but bump them chickens...
— Mile$ Grant


Mile$ Grant is a very unique artist, from his production to his lyrical skills, he is original. 'Hoop Mixtape Vol 3' is a great opportunity for new fans to get to know his sound and for older fans to get more of what they love. The project is about twenty five minutes in length, so its long enough to grab your attention but short enough to hear in one sitting. The feel of the project varies, providing some uptempo records and some slower one as well. The different tones bring different moods as some records have a club feel and a few Mile$ Grant really opens his mind to the listener. Take a listen to 'Hoop Mixtape Vol 3' and enjoy the creativity he loves to share musically and lyrically.