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Omar . Heen . Dre Keron

Cleveland, Ohio

The Magenta Mantra

The Magenta Mantra

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New music video here from The Magenta Mantra with their latest release 'Martyrdom'. Omar, Heen, and Dre Keron are featured on this single and the vibe is very introspective. The production has a vocal sample that plays throughout and the somber tone of the keys help create a moody, hip hop background. Lyrically, you hear questions about life, how to go about finding the right way to live and even more important, not being afraid to live. The violence we see everyday in the news makes you wonder if people even value their lives, imagine how much more we could accomplish putting negative energy into positivity. 

Visually, 'Martyrdom' is gritty and right to the point. The scenery depicts some down town, urban environments and it matches well with the feel of the song. Each artist brings their own personal style and perspective to the track but you can also feel the continuity in their verses and overall chemistry. There are some real issues going on in the world today and The Magenta Mantra is giving us music to make it through and also provide some helpful answers. Be sure to check out 'Martyrdom' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!