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Album Review


Show & Tell With The Devil

Venny Gorgeous comes at you right out the gate on 'Show & Tell With The Devil'. It's a lyrical display with no chorus, just bars and a smooth breakdown at the end. Venny introduces his aggressive style, witty metaphors, and descriptive vocabulary. The production has a nice piano loop and bass line underneath. The beat has a lot of sound but also leaves room for Venny's lyrics to cut through. 'Show And Tell With The Devil' is a proper introduction into the album and the artist, Venny Gorgeous.

Maxx Biggavelli

This track was used as a lead single to promote the project. The beat is the first thing to catch my attention, the bells and snares remind me of a Big Sean or A$AP Mob track. The instrumental also brings two different vibes; party and chill. You can enjoy the song regardless of the mood you are in at the time. Lyrically, Venny Gorgeous brings a lot of confidence, swagger, and metaphors in his words. He sounds focused and clear cut on his goals to make his name in the Cleveland rap scene and beyond. 'Max Biggavelli' is definitely the proper song to make new waves in the regional area.

Raw & Uncut Music

Aptly titled, 'Raw and Uncut Music has the feel of a gritty story being told to you. It's a time where Venny has to hustle to get the money he needs to survive. His family is depending on him and he has to politic in dangerous situations. The production has an epic feel, it definitely sounds like a movie. It's an even further look into his style as he showcases his storytelling ability.

Life On 113th

On a different wave then the previous tracks, 'Life on 113th' has more of a soulful feel. The production has a classic snare sound and the main chords have an inspirational, epic tone. Venny Gorgeous brings a steady, hard hitting flow. The words come rapid but the delivery is clear and passionate so the lyrics are understood. The introspection shows how Venny is conscious of his decisions and wants to be blessed despite his sins.

Harold's Interlude

Back to his natural element, 'Harold's Interlude' is more hard hitting, street motivation music. Venny Gorgeous adds a catchy hook to this track that ties the concept together, he gotta make a way. Venny Gorgeous has a diverse style in that he can rap on different types of beats and his vocabulary allows him to tell many street stories. Matched up with big 808s and fire synth notes, Venny continues to deliver banger after banger.

Dipset '17

Back on his soulful vibe, Venny brings a barrage of lines on 'Dipset '17'. The beat reminds me of Alicia Keys 'You Don't Know My Name' stuck in a dope loop. Venny slows down the flow and delivers a nonstop lyrical display. It's a hear to heart with the listeners on the inner workings of the Venny Gorgeous mind.

Ambitious Tony

The music here reminds me of Jay Z on Reasonable Doubt. It's a slow sound with smoother drums, horns, and piano keys. Venny Gorgeous showcases a slower flow but it's still a rapid delivery. As a listener, you get familiar with Venny's style and the songs are even better when he adds choruses. 'Ambitious Tony' feels like luxury and success, definitely a motivational track with a mature hip hop sound.

Spend A Bird

On a different wave than any song on the album thus far, 'Spend A Bird' is something for the ladies. The production has a bounce to it and some unique sounds that really makes it stand out. Venny Gorgeous brings an animated, witty verse that stands out as well. The descriptive lyrics and lingo match are on par with the beat, it's just a dope feel you have to respect.

Don't Forget

Speaking to those relationships that go south, 'Don't Forget' is message to those who act brand new all of a sudden. Money and attention can change people and make them focus on getting just that only. Venny Gorgeous again showcases his creativity by turning a very specific concept into a hip hop song. Relationships are complicated enough but to explain a perspective in song is an even greater accomplishment.

The Waves

This track feels almost like a prayer. The lyrics are introspective, personal and perspective driven. Venny describes how he doesn't have an issue with greed but rather just wants everything due to him and his work. He also displays his lyrical skill in the second verse. There are segments where he speeds up the flow and uses alliteration that creates a nice sound. Venny shows here that you can't box him in with other rappers because of his mental and lyrical depth.

Outrelude For My Niggas

The production stands out on this track, the vibe is just instantly appealing. The lead piano keys have a great melody that makes just want to listen for the next switch up. Underneath is a dope percussion ensemble and the patterns really contrast with the melodies. Venny Gorgeous delivers his usual message driven, confident bars and floats along on this track.

Humble No More

After a brief slow down, 'Humble No More' turns the pace back up. The beat has a hard hitting, steady sound. It's the perfect set up for Venny Gorgeous and he brings his full repertoire. The track is full of big money talk and confident swagger. It sounds like an anthem for flexing and letting everyone know where they lacking.

Gotta Talk With God

The final track on the album and Venny Gorgeous ends it on a powerful note. 'Gotta Talk With God' is aggressive, introspective and abrasive. The controversial lyrics should grab the listeners attention and show them a different perspective on things they revere. One thing fans can pick up on Venny Gorgeous is the personality he brings through his music. It's easy to connect because of his open, honest approach.


This that mother fkn rider music, shxt got your child influenced, mind abusing gangster shxt that have you leaking spinal fluid...
— Venny Gorgeous


'The Color of Blood' is a proper introduction into the mind of Venny Gorgeous. His use of an extensive vocabulary and decrypting storytelling help you understand his perspectives. Venny is a passionate artist who delivers motivational lines to increase hustle with confidence and experience. He can also use the same energy to describe the setting in the inner city with urgency and intensity. The production ranges from hard hitting, bass driven beats to smooth, soulful luxurious vibes. Venny Gorgeous is not your average hip hop artist that raps about the street life. He also brings intelligence and lyrical ability in his music.