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Nic Rebel

Cleveland, Ohio

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Album Review

1. Intro

The opening track starts the album off with a booming opera sound. The production includes singers, piano, and percussion which create an emotional feel. Nic Rebel is giving a status update on what's happening to the poor and righteous in his area. It makes you wonder where we are headed and what's in store for the future. 

2. Concrete Jungle

The production here is amazing, the synth combined with the beat drop make a wavy sound. The uptempo vibe really brings out Nic Rebel's lyrics, as you get into the beat, you get into the words. 'Concrete Jungle' questions the priorities of people today; are material items more important than lives? It's a serious question that makes you take a reflective look inside and into society.

3. Good Bye

More solid production here on 'Good Bye' as the smooth melodic sample is met with percussion with a bounce. Nic Rebel sings a catchy chorus here and everything picks up when the beat and harmonizing sounds fill in the gaps. Lyrically, it's a grimy visual of some of the unfortunate circumstances in life but its also a reminder that only the strong survive. 

4. Judgement Day

Nic Rebel's music is a personal perspective on what he sees around him everyday. 'Judgement Day' is a realization of the cycle of circumstances people face. Our desire for better things can incite us to do wrong which then resonates into our family and city. His solution is to stay focused on your hustle, avoid the downfalls, and become successful. 

5. Silver Lining

Dope production is a constant on this album and 'Silver Lining' is no exception. The vocal sample cuts through then a hard bass knock breaks the silence for a crazy sound. Nic Rebel brings the perfect flow to match the beat and begins to drop jewels of wisdom. On this track, you simply vibe out to stellar production and listen to real talk. 

6. King

A variation from the earlier songs on the album, 'King' has a slower, more spiritual vibe. It's a nice take on the gospel and hip hop sound we have been seeing as of late. Nic Rebel displays his versatility as he brings some singing to this track as well. The production has a Sunday morning church feel with added hip hop elements. 'King' is an example of audio artistry. 

7. Ready 

'Ready' begins with only the core sounds of the beat creating an ominous feel. The humming in the background adds more to the mysterious vibe and ties everything together. Nic Rebel delivers an appropriate hook and sets the tone with the opening verses. Cleveland's own Aphiniti is featured on the third verse and blesses the track with her high energy and ambitious perspective. 

8. Footprints

The final track on the album has powerful production, a real monumental sound to signify the ending. Nic Rebel brings more of his views of the inner city, the ups and downs, and tough situations to escape. The track changes up in the middle and a beautiful spoken word piece begins. It's an important message delivered with concern and passion; a perfect way to conclude the album. 


Niggas only tryna give praise, when they tryna get paid, catch em tryna play God until they realize they can’t...
— Nic Rebel


'Silver Lining' is a message of hope to those living in tough situations and a report to those who are unaware. Nic Rebel plays two roles here, one to uplift his brother and a second role in which he speaks for them to the masses. Musically, The Werkheads provide the perfect canvas for Nic Revel to paint his audio portraits. The production is industry level quality and The Werkheads provide Nic Rebel with his own unique sound and style. 'Silver Lining' is just that, a symbol of hope for you to empower yourself in society and to believe in Nic Rebel as an artist to carry hip hop's torch.