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Tasha Michelle

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New music video here from Tasha Michelle with her latest work, 'Letter of Appreciation'. Visually, Tasha Michelle uses an organic, independent approach with the concept of the video. You can feel the energy and passion coming from her and her accompanying band and vocalists during their performance. The soul vibes are ringing from the instruments to the microphones and you know this small group has the talent to perform in front of thousands. 

Musically, 'Letter of Appreciation' sounds beautiful. The instruments produce a classic soul beat that you can feel inside with each passing moment. Tasha Michelle has a powerful voice with range that fits perfectly along with the band her background vocalists. Soul music is not only heard but its felt and Tasha Michelle accomplishes this goal perfectly. Be sure to check out 'Letter of Appreciation' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!