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Von Swagger

Cleveland, Ohio

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Album Review

1. Ready To Live

The album opens with an inspirational track, 'Ready To Live' is pure motivation. From remembering the flashy cars as kids to looking at purchasing them now, the progression is clear. Von Swagger shows that he is ready for the successes in life he can share with his family and friends. Khadi Lee provides a solid chorus and 'Ready To Live' sets the tone for quality music to follow. 

2. Swag Alive

The vibe on this track is real smooth. The instrumental incorporates some subtle yet original sounds that create a cool atmosphere. The hook matches the feel of the beat and the confident approach is also appreciated. Von Swagger's beat selection allows him to float over the beats with his laid back flow and capture your attention with solid instrumentals. 

3. Can't Tell Me

Staying on the theme of ambition and focusing on success, 'Can't Tell Me' is more musical motivation. Von Swagger delivers some gems of wisdom to aspiring artists regarding the business side of things. Musically, the production starts off light but really hits hard when it all comes together. The beat includes a Juicy J sample that really brings it to life. This track is solid in that it's inspirational trap music, very original. 

4. Learn My Name

More standout beat selection here, 'Learn My Name' has impeccable production. The beat has a uptempo vibe with a summertime mood that feels great. Von Swagger brings more energetic, motivating lines declaring the greatness soon to come. Snoopy Symone delivers the chorus flawlessly and adds a solid feature verse as well. Their chemistry is on point and they deliver a well written, well sounding track. 

5. Crush A Lot

Von Swagger's most iconic song, 'Crush A Lot' is an instant classic. VS has been performing and promoting this single around the Cleveland area and it's gaining a lot of buzz. The old school sound of the sample and the throwback lingo in the hook are what make this song standout. Von Swagger brings his usual confidence and you just have to have fun with this wavy single.

6. Mirror

A little slower and more intimate, 'Mirror' is a track made especially for the ladies. Dame B delivers the vocals on the chorus and sets the tone for a soft party vibe. Von Swagger is empowering women with this one, saying not only do they look beautiful but they should do it for themselves and no one else. The growth is evident in Von Swagger's music and 'Mirror' is the perfect song to embrace the female figure and set the mood. 

7. Pour Up

Keeping the same feel as the last track, 'Pour Up' is more laid back party music for you to enjoy. The production has a steady beat that allows Von Swagger to apply a slow rhythmic flow. Khadi Lee is back again providing solid singing vocals for the chorus and giving the track a nice R&B variation. Definitely a grown and sexy anthem for clubs and bars everywhere. 

8. On My Way

Keeping in line with the motivational concepts on the album, 'On My Way' is more audio encouragement. The beat has a modern sound and Von Swagger and Snoopy Symone use special recording techniques to create some dope vocal effects. As stated before, VS and Snoopy have a great chemistry and it shows on this track. Snoopy brings a unique voice and a confident female perspective to go hand in hand with Von Swagger's ambitious approach.

9. Eyes Closed

Sequencing is key and Von Swagger's beat selection and order of songs on the album is on point. The final track begins with a classic BIG line and employs a dope golden era hip hop beat. Von Swagger closes out with a final declaration of where he came from and where he is going. 'Eyes Closed' shows VS has respect for the hip hop culture and it's a great way to end such a musically versatile project. 


They know I walk what I talk, I talk what I live, you a lie but ain’t living double negative...
— Von Swagger


'Ready To Live' is aptly titled and a solid selection of work from Von Swagger. His dedication to his craft, his city, and his team are evident and he is indeed ready for more. A standout feature on this album is the beat selection and sequencing. VS created his own unique vibe with these records, the sound is more refined than 'trap' beats but still keep a heavy hip hop influence. The beats also match the emotions of the subject matter very well, each song gives you a separate experience. Von Swagger has made his name in the Cleveland rap scene and has put everyone on notice that he is 'Ready To Live'.