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Be Only You

Atlanta, Georgia

Be Only You

Be Only You

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New music video here from Be Only You with their latest release 'Winning'. Visually, the setup is dope; empty school buses, flares, and paintball guns. Be Only You shows their dope fashion sense and originality as their personality really stands out. The videographer also adds fast cuts and animation effects to put this video on par with the best in the industry today. 

Musically, 'Winning' brings back the girl group sound we miss from the 90s. The lead vocalist has a very nice tone and does a great job performing. There is also a rap section where the flow is on point and the bars are solid. 'Winning' is a well done take on hip hop and R&B, it's a perfectly made blend. Be sure to check out 'Winning' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!