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Miles Grant

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Miles Grant

Miles Grant

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Album Review

Deacon's Son

The album begins with a high percussion track with a somber tone. The piano keys and snares compliment each other to create a subtle yet memorable sound. Miles Grant speaks on his relationship with God and how their conversations are not solely about Miles's wants. Miles Grant appreciates the ability to speak with God and know he is there when he needs help. 


Homie$ follow up with a high energy sound that reminds me of early Cash Money Records production. The instrumental has a lot of different sounds and elements but they all come together to make a unique ensemble. Miles Grant brings a fast paced flow to the track and speaks on some real street issues and how to bounce back from taking a loss. 

UpsNDowns 2

The vibe switches up here for a more smooth, R&B type of sound. Features from Jordan Iman and Mike MJR add to the relaxing feel as their singing adlibs ride under the verse. Miles Grant brings an introspective approach here speaking on the ups and downs life can bring and how you have to stay balanced throughout. 


Miles Grant is great at taking a concept and turning that idea into a full song. 'Burner$' features singing from Charlie P in the beginning that really sets the tone. Miles Grant follows up with his brand of introspective lyricism. His style is abstract but effective in that Miles Grant grabs your attention with each delivery. 

Once Upon A Lavish Girl

The concept here is the idea of the perfect girl and how the pursuit can lead you astray. It also speaks to being too open in a relationship and learning how to balance your priorities. Miles Grant also adds another well placed feature with Kwon Bank$ on the track adding his perspective and providing great insight. It's a dope collaboration and the chemistry between both artists brings the message home. 

Switchin Up

This track brings more knowledge and understanding to relationships. It begins with the initial meeting, goes over the good, then details how it all ends. Miles Grant also uses a witty metaphor to compare frequencies in production to the frequencies given out by our vibrations. It's another creative, abstract look at how to deal with the opposite sex. 

Another Day

Miles Grant shows his diverse production skills on 'Another Day'. A nice sample runs through the hook and pops in during the verse. A dope percussion track with trap elements comes in after the sample. It's a nice contrast between old school and new school sounds, layered with Miles Grant creative, abstract lyrical ability. 

Jacob and Rachael

The feeling this track provides is motivation and the passion for hip hop music. Miles Grant produces a crazy beat for this one with an intricate percussion track and nice scratch effects. The beat is different from the mainstream music you hear today but it has an appeal that catches you instantly. Miles Grant displays his descriptive storytelling skills and perspectives on the journey to music success. 

It's Gone Be Okay

We don't have all the answers but a positive perspective helps us prepare for anything. Miles Grant speaks about faith in 'It's Gone Be Okay' and how you have to stay hopeful despite how the circumstances may seem. The track also poses questions as to why we face the hardships we see in life. Each hardship is a lesson we can learn from and build our faith in the process. 

Count It

A variance from the flow of the last few tracks, 'Count It' is a pure banger. The beat is uptempo and uses some trap music elements. Miles Grant switches up his style here and brings more swagger and stunting on the verses. His rapid flow is broken up by dragging out some words and it creates a unique sound. Features from Ed & Amonte94 add more flair to the chorus and they even help with production. 

Praying Hand$ (@ The Landing) 

Miles Grant creates another canvas for him to spill his vast composition of rhymes. He can change from topic to topic seamlessly and detail very unique experiences. Production wise, the beat uses a piano loop that reminds you of the vintage hip hop sound used on 'Live at the BBQ'. 'Praying Hand$' is another fun adventure into the artistic mind of Miles Grant and his musicality. 

Pell G.R.A.N.T. 

More outstanding production here as 'Pell G.R.A.N.T.' brings nice percussion and synth sounds. The combination of the snares and bells make a great orchestra of sound. Miles Grant adds his patented flow which dances around the beat bringing more rhythms. Each song is a new adventure into the corners of Miles Grant's expansive imagination. 

Going Up

'Going Up' is an inspirational track driven by the vocals of featured artist Mike_MJR. The vibe is calm and mellow but the passion in the vocals brings the desire for more to the forefront. The production adds to the emotion of the track as a deep piano loop plays underneath. Miles Grant paints a picture of dedication it takes to follow the road to success. 

Said It, Meant It

This track is message to any detractors or doubters directly from Miles Grant. You can feel the passion in his voice as he repeats that he said and meant his words. The production is solid and Miles Grant knows how to pattern his flow to match it perfectly. The percussion is crazy and the synth sample sounds futuristic. This song brings a party vibe with motivational words it's a great combination for inspiration. 

Back It Up

Miles Grant finishes up the album with a thank you and good bye to all of his listeners. The production uses dope DJ effects and the effects on his voice add to the unique vibe. It's a fitting ending to a creative, wild ride into the mind of Miles Grant. 


I seen some signs that this genre ain’t my speed though, we broke it off but I was her Maybelline yo...
— Miles Grant


The first thing that stands out about M.I.L.E.S. G.R.A.N.T. is the self production. It takes a lot of skill and patience to make hip hop beats and Miles Grant has a very unique style. His percussion is the highlight, the use of snares, bells, and drums is remarkable. Miles Grant also employs several creative synth sounds that bring a futuristic style as well. Lyrically, Miles Grant paints a vividly abstract picture each time. He uses complex metaphors to compare what he sees in reality to how it makes sense in his mind. Be sure to take a listen to the production and lyrical ability Miles Grant delivers on this album. It's a creative, wild ride into the mind of a hip hop talent discovering the world.