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Mixtape Review

The New Thriller

The album opens up with a bright, cheerful vibe. The production incorporates a live instrument feel and the steady tempo causes for easy listening. RMG works well with beat, bringing smooth flows and even some singing to the track. It's a welcoming introduction to RMG and their creative, artistic sound.

No Problems

The throwback sample here is crazy, it's a dope flip on a classic Janet Jackson single. Layered under the sample are soft percussion elements and synth keys. RMG speaks on living on a more relaxing scale after overcoming problems. They seamlessly mix rapping and singing between the verses and hooks. It's a song of triumph and celebration of the progress to follow. 

Everything Is Everything

Solid production is already a mainstay on this project and 'Everything is Everything' is more of the same. The strings and hi hats combine to make an uptempo, motivational sound. As the beat plays, even more background elements are added creating a beautiful mix of sounds. RMG's Rico X brings a confident delivery and Wanzo blesses the chorus with fitting vocals. 

How We Do

RMG is heavy on keeping the core elements of hip hop alive and 'How We Do' embodies the feeling. The production includes drums, shakes, and hats under a retro horn sample. This track has the sound of a perfect introduction as each artist delivers a confident yet humble perspective. How We Do' brings you into RMG's wavy beat selection, metaphors, and various flows. 

Winnin 4 Real

A consistent theme in RMG's music is their confidence and declarations of being great. It's refreshing to hear rappers who are still concerned with being legends, being skilled, and having a positive message. 'Winnin 4 Real' is a step into the minds of RMG as they progress through their careers. You can feel the confidence in their voices and see the picture they paint of a successful future. 

Smooth Jazz

RMG switches up the vibe a little here as 'Smooth Jazz' brings a flex vibe to the album. The tempo is slow but the heavy bass knock adds a mellow hype feel to the record. Rico and Wanzo bring more swagger on this track and it's great to see another side of their personalities. The punchlines are witty and the statements are confident and direct. 

Things Hoped For

The smooth vibes continue as 'Things Hoped For' follows up with more jazzy production. Horns and keys play the background as Wanzo sings about their maturation from boys to men in the game. RMG takes a look around at their current level of status and are pleased with the progress. The positive vibes are a constant on this album and RMG sets a peaceful tone for the listeners. 

Do 4 Love

RMG gives their own take on a certified hip hop classic sample. Rico X rides the beat with ease, showcasing his strong talents in delivery and confidence. Wanzo provides an equally fitting verse, his best talents being his storytelling and versatility with vocals. This track is a very fresh take on a beat all hip hop fans know and love. 


Bringing a real 90s R&B vibe, 'Cherish' has a great sound. RMG fits the mood well as they recall stories of past relationships and situations. Rico X and Wanzo provide descriptive verses that allow you to visualize each encounter as if you were there. Their unique flows allow you to just kick back and chill. 


Balancing a rap career and everyday life can be a major challenge for many artists. RMG speaks on this in 'Sweet' an introspective track about finding the balance. The production is much slower than anything we have heard thus far, adding to the realness of the sound. It's a very relatable track that shows some of the tough sides of being an artist. 

Sing You A Song

'The New Thriller' has a lot of songs that the female hip hop fans can relate to their lives. RMG trades verses on some past relationships that they didn't want to end. The production features another classic sample hip hop heads will be familiar with hearing. The versatility between rapping and singing is showcased again, this time by Rico X and Wanzo. 

Don't Waste My Time

The smooth vibes continue as a piano driven instrumental provides the canvas on 'Don't Waste My Time'. This project has a large catalog but keeps a variation of wavy hip hop sounds. RMG speaks on their hunger for more and how distractions won't be tolerated. Wanzo stands out by providing strong vocals on the chorus. 

Song For Aaliyah

Dedication and perseverance are two must have attributes to accomplish any goal. RMG speaks on how they are willing to ride through the ups and downs. Wanzo again delivers solid vocals on the hook proving he could carry a record with just his notes. Rico X adds a poetic, introspective opening verse that really sets the tone for the track, one of Rico X's strongest points as a writer.

Dont Worry

RMG has a strong passion for the hip hop game and making music. 'Don't Worry' is a testament to their dedication and promises they will not fall off. The instrumental has a live jazz club feel, an intimate setting mood. The verses have a smooth flow to match the beat but the tone is confident with swagger to match. 

From The Ground Up

Following similar messages from the previous track, 'From The Ground Up' speaks on the dedication RMG has for hip hop. They recall memories of high school and aspirations for greatness. Wanzo sings another great hook as Rico X paints pictures with his words. The instrumental is piano driven with a smooth and melodic tempo, fitting the rest of the album. 

New Heights

'New Heights' varies from the rest and has more straight hip hop vibes. The production has a moody, eerie feel with various synth effects. RMG again details their visions of a life with success. 'New Heights' is the perfect soundtrack for the daily hustle. No matter what your working towards, the relaxing feel and ambitious words will speak to you. 

All My Life

One of the biggest dreams of any hip hop artist is to have a crowd full of people singing along. 'All My Life' is a musical representation of this feeling as the chorus provides the perfect call and response. The production is elegant with smooth strings and horn sections. RMG blessed the track with finesse and lofty goals of their musical successes. 


'Celebration' brings a live music feel that really makes the song come alive. The acoustics and percussion have a sharper tone that make it feel like the artists and musicians are in a jam session. The chorus has a stadium sound that you can see people of all ages appreciating. RMG provides inspiring verses detailing their journey on the road to the top and the fulfillment it brings to their lives. 


Dodging patrols, had to watch for my foes, you can find me underground like the ancient catacombs...
— Wanzo (RMG)
And then I tap into my fears, never laughed at no joke, get your jacket off my chair cause the king is coming back home...
— Rico X (RMG)


'The New Thriller' is an ambitious offering from RMG. Rico X and Wanzo don't follow the mainstream patterns but instead take it back to the core concepts of hip hop. RMG focuses on beat selection, concepts, and songwriting to get their message in their music across. Their beat selection is amazing as each instrumental provides a smooth, soothing backdrop. The selection of samples on 'The New Thriller' are solid as well, as you listen to each track you will recognize many familiar sounds. Rico X has strong points in delivery, flow and metaphors. Wanzo is proficient in storytelling, being relatable, and adding singing into his repertoire. 'The New Thriller' is a look into the minds of young hip hop artists from Cleveland looking to make their name while keeping the core values of hip hop alive today.