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Venny Gorgeous

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Venny Gorgeous

Venny Gorgeous

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New music video here from Venny Gorgeous with his latest release 'Show and Tell With The Devil'. Musically, the production is led by piano keys and a heavy bass knock. However, it's not the sound of the typical trap beat as it brings a foreboding feeling to the track. Venny Gorgeous goes nonstop without even adding a hook to the song and blesses the listener with solid game. 

Visually, the music video has a less is more approach and it works very well. Venny Gorgeous is the main highlight the music video and it allows you to focus on him. It's a perfect introduction to Venny and his style as the video captures his artistry and personal taste. The fashion stylings of the artist and the video decor work well together to create an elegant, mysterious vibe. Be sure to check out 'Show and Tell With The Devil' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!