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Mic Miles

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Mic Miles

Mic Miles

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Mixtape Review


The album opens with 'Validation', a bold introduction over a piano driven instrumental. Mic Miles brings a confident sound, clear delivery, and versatile flow. He sounds like a young artist with veteran poise on the microphone. 'Validation' is a message that Mic Miles had more great music in store and much potential in his future. 

Cold World

'Cold World' is more confident music but this time with a different approach. In a time where people may have ulterior motives, you have to stay on your toes at all times. Mic Miles makes it clear that he won't be caught slipping living in a cold world. Well placed Scarface samples at the beginning and end of the song help to drive this point home. 

Eight Oh Eight

Mic Miles follows up with more solid production on 'Eight Oh Eight'. The hard hitting percussion matches well with the repetitive synth lead. This track is more of a lyrical exercise where Mic Miles flexes his emceeing abilities. You can hear solid punchlines and fast yet varied flow. 'Eight Oh Eight' brings you the best of both worlds, bars and beats. 


Picking up where he left off on the last track, 'Work' is more lyrical prowess from Mic Miles. He opens the song with a chorus then goes nonstop with a crazy flow and delivery. Mic Miles is focused on success and will not let anyone be an obstacle on his journey. You can catch the motivational lessons and viewpoints Mic Miles possesses and it makes you respect his grind even more. 


'Paid' brings a radio single feel to the album, showing Mic Miles diverse skill set. The production is very smooth with enough bounce to add a nice uptempo mix as well. Lyrically, Mic Miles slows it down to fit the tempo but still delivers solid bars. The chorus is catchy and well recorded, 'Paid' has all the attributes of a breakthrough record.


Staying consistent with the big record sound, 'TAQ' brings more heavy hitting production. Mic Miles again slows down the flow but this time delivers a more braggadocios approach. The snare and bass line have a mainstream industry sound and Mic Miles lingo and flow bring the same intensity. 'TAQ' shows that Mic Miles has golden era hip hop skills, added with a new age approach. 

HardKnock Freestyle

Mic Miles brings it back to the boom bap with 'HardKnock Freestyle'. It's a classic hip hop sound and Mic Miles delivers his own perspectives on life. The metaphors come nonstop and each one is witty and original. Mic Miles can relate to his audience in any kind of setting and it's refreshing to hear such a polished emcee. 

Separate Wayz ft. JVC

Going into more introspection, 'Separate Wayz' details the ups and downs in relationships. Mic Miles with help from hip hop artist JVC, give you perspective on how to deal with breakups. The production features a sped up soul sample that is flipped exceptionally well. Mic Miles speaks on the brighter side of this situation as he delivers more knowledge to his listeners. 


'Faded' showcases stellar production with a live instrument feel. The guitar riffs and piano keys cut through as the rapid fire delivery rides the tempo. It sounds as if Mic Miles is an open mic going crazy in an intimate setting. No matter the beat selection or subject matter Mic Miles always delivers quality lyrics. 

Ooouuu Freestyle

On one of the most iconic beats as of late, Mic Miles brings nonstop lyrics on the 'Ooouuu Freestyle'. Mic Miles patterns the flow and key parts of the original but adds his own swagger to the instrumental. It's dope to hear freestyle tracks on mixtapes again, it's a great opportunity for the artist to have some fun. Mic Miles opens up his creativity and kicks back for another lyrical exercise. 


As life progresses, we go through many different circumstances. 'Moments' is about remembering and embracing each of these different phases in life as they pass. We don't always have control of what happens but we can find the positive things that bring joy. Mic Miles constantly shows on this mixtape, no matter how it looks, he is always focused on the future. 


'Stay' features another well executed sped up soul sample. Mic Miles pours his heart out to his future lady. The artistry is clear as the songwriting here is more poetic in nature. The instrumental is smooth with a slow vibe, Mic Miles compliments the beat with thoughts of fond memories with his lady and picturing their future. 


Mic Miles ends on a high note with the final track 'Violi'. The production features a symphonic lead and hard hitting percussion elements. The sound is very reminiscent to the major players in rap music today. Mic Miles flow is fast and intense with back to back punchlines. Mic Miles lyrical abilities allow him to rap over any type of beat or subject matter. The last track is a reminder of where he features his best skills, flow, delivery, and metaphors.


Whatever’s done in the dark seems to come to the light, whenever someone mention bars I hope I come to mind...
— Mic Miles


'The Other Side' is solid introduction to Mic Miles, a hip hop artist with versatile skills and lyrical ability. A great feature about 'The Other Side' is how it compliments the OG mixtape sound. Many projects today sound like albums but 'The Other Side' perfectly blends polished music with a raw hip hop feel. Mic Miles strongpoints are his delivery, flow, and metaphors. He has the voice of a classic emcee with the swagger of a new age artist. 'The Other Side' bridges the gap between dope lyricism and mainstream sounds bringing you the best of both worlds.