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Juice Yung'n

Miami, Florida

Juice Yung'n

Juice Yung'n

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New music here from Juice Yung'n with his latest release 'Aayy'. Visually, the concept is reality, showing you what happens in his neighborhood. You can see the faces, places, and habits he exhibits to help you relate to his life. The sense of unity present among Juice and his people help you feel the message in the song.

Musically, Juice selects a trap sound with life. The synth elements that lead the beat have a life of their own and really give this song it's signature sound. Juice recounts stories of his past and tells the mind state you have to keep to survive. It's motivational music for those around him and can relate to his upbringing. Be sure to check out 'Aayy' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!