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Mista Roe

Shreveport, Louisiana

Mista Roe

Mista Roe

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New music here from Mista Roe wit his latest release 'Bees and Birds'. Visually, the video focuses on the women in a video game spin off. Mista Roe is the lead star in his own reality show looking for a love interest. It matches the R&B feel of hte song and creates an interesting premise to watch.

Musically, Mista Roe brings back the traditoinsl R&B sound with 'Bees and Birds'. The lyrics are uplifting and hopeful of a long lasting relationship. The production features soft drums and percussion elements that perfectly accent the calming vibe of the music. Be sure to check out 'Bees and Birds' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!