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Album Review

Intro featuring Up the Way Dre

The album opens with an introspective track that also doubles as a declaration. R the Czar details the hardships and mental distractions that can make life hard to navigate. R the Czar asks the Lord to bring him back into the righteous ways of living. Up The Way Dre adds a solid feature verse with a different flow and more raw, relatable lyrics. 

On The Beach featuring Rau-Elle

The production here has a tropical sound, very relaxing and smooth. R the Czar vividly details the life cycle of a relationship. His words come across in a proverbial manner, as if he is teaching you how to achieve happiness. Rapping about the philosophical reasons why we do what we do is what makes R the Czar's music stand apart. Rau-Elle sings a melodic hook adding the final touch to a beautiful sound. 

Hustle On

The vibe switches up again as the production takes a soulful appeal. The beat has smooth drums and percussion elements layered with a dope vocal sample underneath. R the Czar drops some motivational music for the hustlers out there working to achieve their goals. You can relate to the times of being down and how it gives you that drive for more. This is definitely a feel good track that picks up you during the long grind. 

Ray Charles

The lead single of the album, 'Ray Charles' combines the introspection of R the Czar with mainstream appeal. He is big on speaking things into fruition before you even see them. The production features a space synth that makes for a very catchy sound. The chorus is simple yet catchy as well, something you will find yourself singing along with before the song is over. R the Czar speeds up the tempo and gives his listeners even more diversity to rock with giving this record smash potential. 

Twister featuring B Yonka

Unity is a big part of the independent music scene and the surrounding community. Twister speaks about how people don't want to work together and instead want to bring people down. It's amazing how R the Czar took such a concept and crafted into a unique hip hop sound. The production has an mysterious feel and the featured vocals from B Yonka cause for a dope melody with a real message. 

Fronting feat B Yonka

When you know you have a connection with someone but neither of you have made the first move. That is want 'Fronting' is about and once again R the Czar does a great job capturing concepts. The production features a famous sample and the mixing is done perfectly. R the Czar, the beats and the featured artist are all leveled out perfectly to create this smooth vibe. The awkward tension, infatuation, and hope for the best are all displayed in this track. 


I spit it for the homie on the bus thats down on his luck, look over and see some J’s but he down to his chucks, fast forward a couple months he pulling up in his truck, God break you down just to build you right back up...
— R the Czar


'Presence of Mind' is a culmination of R the Czar's life experience and musical experience complied over time. R the Czar has been making waves on the Cleveland music scene for a few years now and his progression is evident. Each track on 'Presence of Mind' has a purpose and tightly connected concept. The length of the album is perfect so that you enjoy the pace but when it's over you want more. This makes the music relatable and easy to follow along with as you know the message being related to you. The beat selection is amazing, the constant being a smooth sound with strong hip hop elements. This album is the perfect introduction to those new to R the Czar and for his fans it's a declaration that R the Czar is on a mission to make the world a better place with his motivational music.