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Yung Broly

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Yung Broly

Yung Broly

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Album Review


All In A Days Work Freestyle

A fitting introduction to the mixtape as a smooth beat and laid back flow greet the listener. Yung Broly details some everyday occurrences he faces while starting a new morning. This track welcomes the listener into Broly’s living room, getting their day started with him as well. Rapping about trapping and adding a confident swag to match. 


‘UP’ is fun, uptempo track taking you further into the mind of Yung Broly. He picks a wavy beat with bounce and a laid back vibe. Yung Broly floats over the track dropping gems and his perspectives on life. He does this all while creating a relaxing atmosphere and creative canvas to build on. 

Tell Me

Keeping the true spirit of the mixtape alive, Yung Broly hops on a throwback beat for this freestyle. Broly floats over the R&B track with ease, showing off his lyrical prowess and multiple flows. The approach here is more laid back and fun as Broly raps about the finer things in life. He also pictures how life plays out when all is in place financially and relationship wise. 

Real Shxt Only

Showing his ear for beats, Yung Broly raps over one of the standout tracks from the ‘EVOL’ album. ‘Real Shxt Only’ is a proclamation of Yung Broly the person and principles. The guitar strings sound great under Yung Broly’s fast delivery. He also makes the track his own, using his signature ad libs and catchy phrases. 

Fried Freestyle

Changing the pace of the tempo thus far, ‘Fried Freestyle’ is a synth heavy slow track. Broly takes more of a laid back approach here as he rides the beat. The screwed up effect on the backing lyrics are a dope touch and pair well with the slow pace of the record. This track has an interlude feel and references to Pimp C and Mike Jones pay homage to the screwed up scene in Texas. 


Showing his respects to fellow Cleveland artist Lil Cray, Yung Broly brings the energy in ‘#FreeCray’. A piano led instrumental with booming bass and a catchy snare sets the tone. Broly brings his confident lyrical swagger but this track has the ability to crossover into the clubs and parties as well. Broly does a great job of effectively using the trap sound but also finds a way to make it his own. 


Making something out of nothing has always been a staple of hip hop and ‘EGF’ keeps the energy alive. Everybody Get Finessed speaks on the mindset you need to see the plays and make them work. It’s not a matter of force however, it’s about outsmarting someone into making a financial gain. The beat is uptempo with a dope synth lead that lines up perfectly with Yung Broly’s energy. 


A change of pace from the previous tracks on the project, ‘9 MM’ brings more of a feature track feel. The instrumental is a slower tempo but still hard hitting with a dope hi hat pattern and lead piano. Yung Broly rides the beat perfectly, keeping up with the slower pace with a solid delivery. Broly also adds a chorus to the record that will be memorized by the time you finish the song. 

Brand New Glizzy

Switching gears from some previous records Broly has a one on one with the listener on ‘Brand New Glizzy’. The slower, laid back tempo sets the scene as Yung Broly pours out his mind. He details how he is satisfied with any situation as whenever things get tough he can hustle his way back up. You can also relate to this record as a fan of hip hop, trees, and anime as these are some of his biggest inspirations. 

Hit feat. Revy SG

‘Hit’ brings our first featured artist to the project as Revy SG and Yung Broly trade verses. Revy SG brings a polished flow and solid delivery to the record. Yung Broly follows up bringing his signature ad libs and drawn out words to the track. Revy’s subtle confidence and Broly’s energy are great contrasts that bring the best of both to the listener. 

I'm The Shxt

Over a crazy melodic beat with bass Yung Broly kicks some game. The production here is solid as this instrumental is one of the best thus far on the tape. Lyrically, Yung Broly brings a relaxed delivery, with punchlines and a small hook. Overall, one of the stand out tracks on the project for it’s hard yet smooth sound over fire production.

Why You Hurt Me

Reflecting on a past relationship, Yung Broly adds storytelling to his skill set with ‘Why You Hurt Me’. In just a short amount of time, Broly tells the story of how much he invested emotionally and a mature perspective of the events. Broly even shows some singing skills with the auto tune. This track is a nice addition to the project as it shows many of Broly’s talents in an interlude type song. 

Big Knots

‘Big Knots’ is a freestyle type track over original production by King Kai. The track has a spacy sound as high pitched keys lead the way. Broly adds a 16 full of punches and finishes with a bridge. ‘Big Knots’ is just a quick flex for Yung Broly showing his knack for metaphors and an ear for beats. 


The creativity in the beat selection is shown again with the children’s story esque ‘Music’ track. A wind instrument, chimes, and bells combine with classic hop hop elements to build the sound. Yung Broly rides the beat well,  matching his verse to the stops, starts, and effects of the track. ‘Music’ has great ability to crossover into the mainstream as the fun energetic feel is contagious. 

A Must

‘A Must’ is another full record on the project and portrays Yung Broly’s song writing ability. The beat has a catchy xylophone sound and a steady bass line when the beat drops. Broly brings his usual high energy flow, sprinkling his animated ad libs wherever he can. On a project full of 16s it’s dope to hear a hook and leaves you anticipating more of Broly’s complete tracks. 

Bxtch feat. Ghost

Over more space influenced hip hop production, Yung Broly connects with his listeners on ‘Bxtch’. The video game esque sounds set this beat apart and add to the creativity. Broly again shows you his potential by creating a full track complete with verses and and a chorus. ‘Bxtch’ stands to be a fan favorite as it has underground appeal with mainstream quality. 


Switching gears to more a laid back approach, Yung Broly slows it down on ‘CAP’. The entire feel here is to do less but accomplish more. Like the song says, you ain’t gotta lie to kick it, just be you and let the good things come into place. Broly raps about his steady confidence regardless of the situation because of his ability to run it up whenever needed. He also reassures his woman of the same and how he will hold it down. 


The chant like chorus, energetic sound, and live performance potential make ‘OK SHORTY’ work. You can imagine a mosh pit going crazy getting hype with Yung Broly. The production has a mellow hype appeal, with smooth and turn up qualities. This track also has the ability to appeal to the ladies as it’s the perfect background for them to get gassed or hyped up. 

High End

The finale ‘High End’ has the perfect sound to close out the mixtape. The production features spaced out synths, hi hats, and an introspective feel. You can notice the energy winding down on the final track as Yung Broly closing out his latest work. Again he takes you into his mind portraying how he approaches violence in the city, untrusting people, and his music career. 


Smoking too much, you would think ima cluck, Jerome Bettis bus, you will get trucked, yeah we can tussle, like Big Tuck.
— Yung Broly


‘All In A Days Work’ is a solid example of how a mixtape sound. Yung Broly picks out some popular mainstream instrumentals to go crazy on but also picks out quality original beats as well. Yung Broly also brings a fun, easy going approach to the project. He isn’t trying to be anyone or do anything specific, Broly just gives you his life and perspectives over dope beats. 

His style is lyrical, using punchlines and wordplay to help get his point across. It’s also dope to pick up on all the anime references sprinkled throughout the tape. Be sure to give this one a listen if you’re looking for a hip hop sound that is relatable, natural, and original.