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Tyreak Hakeem

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Tyreak Hakeem

Tyreak Hakeem

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Album Review


A mysterious slow paced instrumental sets the tone for the introduction track ‘KAMI’. The vibe is brooding and grimy as Tyreak hits the track showing his lyrical ability and perspectives on the rap game. The group chant works awesome during parts of the track adding a hype factor and contrast from the verses. Doubting fans and a violent city are just two of the obstacles Tyreak is working to overcome as he follows the path towards success. 

Outdated feat. JD

The soul sample is one of the most prized sounds in hip hop and Tyreak raps over the beat well in ‘Outdated’. Really showing his skills with punchlines, Tyreak goes every bar with a witty flip on everyday things he can use to get his point across. The flow is aggressive and confident yet fits with the smooth sound of the sampled singing. JD brings a small singing chorus at the end, perfectly tying up this lyrical exercise. 

Right Now feat. Slink

Switching gears to party music, Tyreak shows his ability to make a banger on ‘Right Now’. Tyreak amps up his energy and delivery to get the listener hype and turnt up. The production matches as well, with uptempo synths and bass leading the way. Slink adds on a solid feature verse, bringing a precise flow and fitting wordplay, complimenting Tyreak’s style well. 

Realest Nigga

A militant declaration, ‘Realest Nigga’ is Tyreak’s message to all that he deserves respect. He details many of the issues had to overcome and time he put in to create his craft. The production is lead by a piano with a loud snare and booming bass. The steady flow of the beat and hook cause for a memorable chorus and perfect call and response performance track. 

Mina feat. Slink

The standout beat on the mixtape so far, ‘Mina’ brings fire production. A repetitive string sound backed by hard hitting production creates the canvas. A switch up of the elements comes in halfway through the verses adding higher notes and different melodies. Tyreak brings more aggressive flows and punchlines. Slink follows up with a smooth delivery and descriptive vocabulary. 

UGK feat. Chris Lombardii

A classic southern hip hop sample sets the tone on ‘UGK’ featuring Chris Lombardii. Tyreak slows down the flow and matches the smooth tempo. The punchlines and confidence are still present, complimented well by screwed up adlibs. Lombardii adds a fire verse, with a fast flow, Southern homage, and sick metaphors. 

No Luv Song

Tyreak switches gears and takes time to speak on more emotional topics on ‘No Luv Song’. The production is more R&B but the bass line and percussion give it a hip hop feel. Tyreak also paints a vivid picture with storytelling methods and advanced vocabulary. This track shows the versatility and depth of an artist who can do much more than punchlines. 


Tyreak sets the scene at a smoky, dark jazz club in ‘Purple’. You can imagine yourself in an intimate setting as Tyreak raps with on a stool with a mic stand. The production is soulful with a jazz like feel. Tyreak speaks on the perfect kind of woman for him, ambitious, kind, and supportive of his career. 

Lyrical Intercourse

Paying homage to a hip hop legend, Tyreak hops on a classic LL Cool J beat on ‘Lyrical Intercourse’. The flow is smooth fitting the beat perfectly as he speaks to the ladies. A 180 from Tyreak’s aggressive nature heard earlier in the project, this track shows versatility. It’s a dope flip on the record as Tyreak finds the balance between using the memorable parts of the song but making it his own. 

Growing Up

Tyreak chooses another classic instrumental for ‘Growing Up’, the most mature record thus far. Tyreak paints a vivid picture describing the mindset, happenings, and thoughts surrounding his upbringing. It was a tough, grimy predicament where hip hop gave him the focus to persevere. The vulnerability and honesty in Tyreak’s words make this a very touching and relatable record. 

Piece By Piece

A soul sample backed by soft percussion elements set the tone for ‘Piece By Piece.’ Tyreak uses this opportunity to speak on how to draw the motivation to press forward. The flow is fast and the passion is strong as Tyreak  uses metaphors to explain his position. This track gives you hope that you can press through any obstacles and reinforces the mind state you need.

Feeling Myself

Tyreak takes us back into his relationship perspectives in ‘Feeling Myself’. This track covers losing someone special and being left with the pursuit of material things. Sometimes we take things for granted and afterwards realize what is really important. The track is backed by a smooth sample really driving the concept home and creating a relaxing atmosphere. 

Lonely Road

‘Lonely Road’ is a rap / rock hybrid that speaks on path a rapper has to follow. There are a lot of ups and downs, problems, and situations you have to overcome in your career. The thing is, you are the only one responsible for your career and each story is different. The rock sounding sample gives this song a feeling of grit and determination. This track is a message to all of those who feel alone in their personal journeys, we must all stand together. 

Summertime Seventeen

Switching gears, Tyreak takes a more laid back, fun approach on ‘Summertime Seventeen’. Rapping over an uptempo beat, Tyreak flexes with his flow, delivery, and punchlines. Confident lyrics and boastful lines are abundant on this track as he gives the listener something where they can just press play and ride. Showing more and more of his versatility, it’s apparent Tyreak can make any style of rap. 

The Song I Sing feat. Nez

Taking the project again in a new direction, Tyreak creates a mature vibe on ‘The Song I Sing’. The beat is set by smooth production and horns, creating a grown and sexy appeal. Tyreak also shows some singing ability on the chorus. Nez provides a quality feature, keeping the energy up and closing out a motivational track with party appeal. 


Going through this mixtape, you learn much about the life of Tyreak Hakeem. ‘Underdog’ is a personal track touching on the mindset and approach Tyreak had to take to become who he is today. He mentions how it feels being unappreciated and how he is able to make something out of nothing because of faith. Family and friends may not always agree with your decisions but Tyreak proves that nothing should stop you from realizing your dream and potential. 

Sounds of Blackness

The final track of the project and Tyreak takes his artistry to the highest level to close this out. Singing, introspective lyrics, and a beat change really set this record apart. What begins as an uplifting ode to keep going becomes a somber tune about some dark moments. A perfect microcosm of ‘The Free Tape’ itself, ‘Sounds of Blackness’ shows you the depth Tyreak Hakeem thinks at to construct his music. 


I’m the best and it’s no contest, you need to work on your metaphors and your concepts. I’m most def without a brain so it’s no conscience, your magazine too simple cuz I’m so complex
— Tyreak Hakeem


‘The Free Tape’ makes one thing evidently clear. Tyreak Hakeem is a rapper in every sense of the word, strong in all the categories required of the craft. ‘The Free Tape’ opens up with an aggressive sound, Tyreak constantly attacking the beat and dropping punchlines. As you continue, Tyreak shows he can also create party music and introspective records about deeper issues.

What is constant is Tyreak’s polished sound, every track flow, energy, and delivery are on point. His metaphors make you think and aren’t made of recycled material. Tyreak Hakeem is a dope artist with a lot of potential, if the ‘The Free Tape’ is the beginning, we have lots of great music to expect in the future.