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Alex Sparrow - She’s Crazy But She’s Mine 

In a relationship filled with fun, Alex Sparrow shows some crazy pranks in ‘She’s Crazy But She’s Mine. The couple takes turn pulling hilarious pranks on each other throughout the visual. The music has a live, pop sound, full of melodies and a groovy beat. 

Alex Sparrow - Got Me Good 

The prankster couple is back again in the new music video ‘Got Me Good’. The video takes us back to the beginning where the couple started pulling pranks on each other in grade school. The song had an old school ‘doo wop’ feel that is meshed with modern day EDM for a creative blend. 

Alex Sparrow - Again and Again

More comedic pranks and feel good music are in store for you in the Alex Sparrow music video 'Again and Again'. This record has an uptempo pop feel and speaks to how our love for each other keeps relationships together even when things are hard. The video is edited with an experts touch as the camera angles, props, and storyline are perfectly executed.