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Working Man 

We go hard for those important to us and Ali Jacko makes an ode to responsibility in ‘Working Man’. The video highlights some of the toughest jobs you can find in America today, showing how these people keep the country running. This song is a perfect way to inspire or motivate anyone working to see their family progress.

I Found Love 

The pure happiness that comes from being in a fulfilling relationship is unmatched. Ali Jacko shows all the fun and caring things you can do with your partner in the ‘I Found Love’ music video. This message behind this record is simple, when you find love, appreciate it so it lasts forever.

Only Thing I See

Sometimes you have to prove how you feel so others will see just how important they are. In the ‘Only Thing I See’ music video, Ali Jacko speaks on becoming a better person in order to be a part of someone else’s life. Others may detract but Ali Jacko shows when you set your mind on a task it’s the only thing in your vision that matters.