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B Dash . Mellz . J.Hou

Mellz . B Dash . J Hou

Mellz . B Dash . J Hou

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In a time where many artists are experimenting with their sounds, it's great to hear traditional R&B music. The lyrics are speak about what one is willing to sacrifice and speaks on all the great qualities of their partner. The uplifting concept and positive view towards relationships is a much needed perspective in today's musical landscape. You can even hear some lines that pay homage to classic R&B songs and the sampling is skillfully done. 

Musically, the production is a major standout of this record. The tempo is slow and the spacy instrumentals give it an original vibe. The percussion including the hi hats and the snaps come together with the bass and other elements in unison. Each artist brings a different sound to the track but the song keeps a uniform feel and concept. The structure of the song, quality of the mix, and songwriting make it evident a lot of thought was put in this song's creation. Listen to the track above and hit the comments below!