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Freshy Ramone

Cleveland, Ohio

Freshy Ramone

Freshy Ramone

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You can’t judge a book by its cover as each of us have walked different paths and lived unique experiences. Freshy Ramone takes you into his world as he paints a lyrical picture of what he has been through. The visuals keep you wondering what’s next and have you trying to find the symbolism to match the words. High tension situations cause for a rollercoaster of emotions as you anticipate what will befall Freshy, ‘Calls From Connie’ is a winding journey that keeps your attention throughout and combines high level artistry and cinematography. 

Musically, ‘Calls From Connie’ brings both a solid instrumental and dope lyricism to the forefront. Freshy constantly flips the flow and uses clever wordplay and punchlines to help tell his story. The delivery is aggressive and honest which adds to the realism of the gritty details. Watch the video above and hit the comments below!