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Album Review

After much preparation, Prestigious unveils his first full length EP, ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’. Aptly titled, ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’ highlights the duality found in many of us today. At times, we like to focus in depth on the bigger picture, life, family, and legacy. Then again, we also like to kick back and have fun to reduce stress. 

Records like ‘Faith’ showcase the sophisticated side of Prestigious. Over smooth, piano led production, Prestigious provides a motivational anthem for anyone facing a tough predicament. The chorus is delivered with the passion and honesty of someone seeking help in a difficult time. 

In the same breath, Prestigious delivers wavy records like ‘All I Know’. Floating over a slower tempo yet trap influenced sound, Prestigious brings his trademark swagger to the track. Confident and ambitious, Prestigious details how he prefers to live peaceful and lavish with beautiful women. 

Overall, ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’ is a well balanced project that covers a wide span of topics. Prestigious has a great ear for beats, choosing between hard hitting bass, mellow introspective joints, and catchy melodies. Ear grabbing lyrics like, 

I’m got a different state of mind, I’m on a different wave, a man without integrity should dig his own grave.
— Prestigious

Make you stop and evaluate the way you’re living mid song. Prestigious has an observant mind and provides a new perspective with each track. With every listen of ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’ you’re sure to view life with a new lens.