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Tysu - Valley Girl 

Lost on the road, Tysu finds the perfect guide in the ‘Valley Girl’ music video. Pressing through a desert landscape with the girl of his dreams, Tysu describes the exciting life in store. The record has a Caribbean feel that instantly makes you want to dance. The choreography scenes on the desert and beach showcase the the dancers skill and the quality cinematography. 

Tysu - 1, 2, 3 Time

Dark, classy, and spirited are a few words to describe one of the latest Tysu music videos, ‘1, 2, 3 Time’. Sporting a 1920’s sophisticated look, Tysu courts his love interest. The sound is a blend between R&B and pop, with a bright feel and soulful delivery. This track does well in showing the multiple genres Tysu can crossover into with his range of skills.