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Mixtape Review


Von5019 begins the project over a hard hitting bassline backed by a choir with a heavenly sound. Almost every bar contains a metaphor or witty punchline, which is one of Von5019’s strongest points. The flow here perfectly matches the beat as Von compliments the laid back style of the instrumental. This track is a fitting opening to the project and will have you excited to hear what follows.


Produced by Kanye West, Von5019 floats over the beat for Alicia Keys ‘You Don’t Know My Name’. Von5019 uses this track to drop line after line of his wisdom and proverbs. Von sounds right at home over this record and has even improved his flow when compared to his previous offerings. Lines like, “Call me trap Moses because I’m leading my people” are just an example of the creativity and motivational bars Von brings to the table.


Guitars and percussion elements create a summer time feel on the ‘DreamValley’ track. Short but full of lyrical techniques, Von5019 brings more street knowledge to his listeners. Youthful but ahead of his time, Von references how he should have, “Came with a beeper”. This record has a lighter feel than the previous two but Von keeps his message consistent.

Lost It

‘Lost It’ brings a soulful feel over a sped up vocal sample. Von5019 sounds confident as he recounts past experiences and the lessons learned from this time period. From crooked cops to dangerous times in the hood, Von5019 vividly paints a picture of what he has seen. He also states you don’t have to take his advice but he will continue to set the example through words and actions.


Floating over the viral smash from Dojacat ‘Moo’ Von5019 adds his personal touch to the beat. The synth heavy, laidback feel of the track works perfectly with Von’s lyrical style. He also does a great job of using the pattern of the hook but changing the words to make his own remix. His subtle confidence shines through on this track as his swagger doesn’t need to boast, it simply speaks for itself.

Time Never Mattered

In a touching letter to locked away father figure, Von5019 bears his soul in ‘Time Never Mattered’. Rapping over a popular Drake instrumental, Von tells the story of how unfair the situation feels and all he wishes he could tell to one who helped raise him. Von promises to be a success in the music industry to make his inspiration proud. It’s a sad situation but also one Von uses to draw strength and keep pressing forward towards achievement.


Von5019 speaks to how his surroundings can turn anyone into a savage. While opting for peace, Von makes it clear he will do whatever it takes to protect himself. This track also features a verse from a female artists who echoes Von’s sentiments. Her rapid flow and aggressive bars work well to compliment Von and their chemistry is instantly in sync.

25 Mo Lighters

Riding over a hip hop classic, Von5019 closes out the project with a stellar verse. As confident yet laid back as ever, Von gives the do’s and dont’s when it comes to flossing and women. Staying true to his Houston roots, Von uses much of the Southern lingo and culture to craft this verse. This track encompasses Von’s lyrical style, he takes the listener on a audio tour of his city, his past, and his honorable perspective.


Von5019 delivers a brief but efficient project with the ‘Luv’ mixtape. This project is perfect for hip hop fans who live lyricism and bars backed by classic popular beats. Von does a great job of staying true to his form and bringing a relaxed, poised approach to his music. Each song is filled with Von’s youthful yet wise perspective on life, the streets, women, and the music industry. If you are looking for a mix of new school sounds with an old school hip hop feel, add ‘Luv’ to your playlist today.