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Album Review

After much preparation, Prestigious unveils his first full length EP, ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’. Aptly titled, ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’ highlights the duality found in many of us today. At times, we like to focus in depth on the bigger picture, life, family, and legacy. Then again, we also like to kick back and have fun to reduce stress. 

Records like ‘Faith’ showcase the sophisticated side of Prestigious. Over smooth, piano led production, Prestigious provides a motivational anthem for anyone facing a tough predicament. The chorus is delivered with the passion and honesty of someone seeking help in a difficult time. 

In the same breath, Prestigious delivers wavy records like ‘All I Know’. Floating over a slower tempo yet trap influenced sound, Prestigious brings his trademark swagger to the track. Confident and ambitious, Prestigious details how he prefers to live peaceful and lavish with beautiful women. 

Overall, ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’ is a well balanced project that covers a wide span of topics. Prestigious has a great ear for beats, choosing between hard hitting bass, mellow introspective joints, and catchy melodies. Ear grabbing lyrics like, 

I’m got a different state of mind, I’m on a different wave, a man without integrity should dig his own grave.
— Prestigious

Make you stop and evaluate the way you’re living mid song. Prestigious has an observant mind and provides a new perspective with each track. With every listen of ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’ you’re sure to view life with a new lens.

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Damar The Emcee

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Damar The Emcee

Damar The Emcee

Damar The Emcee

Damar The Emcee

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Album Review

The Awakening ft Jahari Kweli

Speaking on the transition from negative to positive, Damar The Emcee sets an inspiring mood in ‘The Awakening’. Damar’s delivery is conversational as if he is almost pleading with the listener to understand. Black Americans have been facing strife in the US for years and Damar wants to see a country where we can live freely. The metaphorical imagery and deep vocabulary make this sound like hip hop and poetry in a beautiful mashup.

Viiibrate ft Unq'ntr & Daquail

Floating over a masterful instrumental laden with pianos and snares, Damar brings the energy on ‘Viiibrate’. His rapid fire flow and intense delivery contrast well with the background singing and wavy beat. Confident and triumphant, Damar speaks on the qualities that separate him from the rest. You may be expecting his downfall, but based on his goals and focus, it won’t be anytime soon.

Cover Letter

Fusing elements of hip hop and jazz, ‘Cover Letter’ provides a soulful, yet powerful canvas for Damar to express himself. Damar The Emcee’s lyrical structure is unique, causing for each line to leave the listener guessing what’s next. Reiteration is another strong part of Damar’s songwriting. The repeated phrases are catchy and point to the songs deeper meanings.


Damar The Emcee is here to create a better life for himself and show his fans the righteous way to approach life. ‘Manifest’ describes the motivations Damar has to keep creating art, including his family and an undying passion. Damar uses each track on this project to show other rappers and listeners alike what sets him a part. His wise words and metaphorical descriptions prove Damar has a bigger view on the rap game and a responsibility to make it thrive.

Geez Luieez

Damar displays his ear for beats and creative song structure on ‘Geez Luieez’. The instrumental is led by a string sample with percussion underneath creating a haunting but smooth sound. Damar varies between a slow and fast flow and even incorporates vocal sound effects and track doubles. All of this matched with Damar’s expanded vocabulary cause for one of a kind lyrical display.

Bintage Road ft Danni Simone & Daquail

Over a 90s R&B sounding sample, Damar The Emcee speaks to his female listeners on ‘Bintage Road’. Utilizing his versatile flow, Damar floats over the beat, stopping and starting with ease. Witty as usual, Damar shares some of his perspectives on relationships and how to approach them. Features by Danni Simone and Daquail bring melodic vocals to the record, adding to the wavy appeal.

ADHD Interlude

Taking a slight detour from the soulful sound, the ‘ADHD Interlude’ brings a more hip hop approach. Rhythmic percussion sounds and a low synth backed by singing vocals describe the beat. Damar takes the listener on another lyrical journey, painting pictures of the past, present, and future. This interlude is a perfect slice of everything Damar brings to the table.

Bad Mofo

Perseverance is one strong quality of Damar The Emcee and ‘Bad Mofo’ speaks to his undying passion. The instrumental is peaceful as wind instruments and soft snares set the tone. Damar displays his metaphorical creativity, describing conversations with God and even using solid sports references. It’s clear on this record that Damar won’t be stopped as he only gets better as he learns to navigate this complex existence.

Black Bowtie ft Dannie Simone

Damar the Emcee is enlightened in a time where many are left in the dark. ‘Black Bowtie’ speaks to Damar’s perspective and responsibility as a rapper who knows the truth and must pass those lessons on to the masses. The instrumental brings a serious tone with background singing adding to the soulful nature of the record. Naming himself the Wingman, Demar describes how others look to him as a way out of despair and onward to success.

Buoyancy ft Arie Elle

Navigating the twists and turns of life can be challenging as Damar describes the countless pitfalls in ‘Buoyancy’. Either your caught in a tough situation or you’re doing everything you can to avoid them instead. Damar chooses a background that he is comfortable with as jazz infused hip hop and background singing set the tone. The excerpt at the end of the record brings some insight as an elder describes the balance it takes to make a relationship work.


An interlude type record, ‘Rooftop’ allows Damar to deliver solid lyricism over a boom bap beat. Damar effortlessly floats over the instrumental, constructing punchlines that display his skill level and perspective. The instrumental is solid, employing background vocals and a head nodding percussion loop. Damar also does a great job of setting himself a part without claiming he is a better person  than anyone else walking.


Ending the project on the a consistent note, ‘Worthy’ brings all the best attributes of Damar’s music to the forefront. Repetition, originality, and foresight highlight the lyrics. The production is led by a string sample and bouncy percussion elements. Damar again drops gems of wisdom and perspective showing what it takes to succeed in such a critical climate. 


We ain’t perfect, you a 5 and I’m a 5, now let’s make this thing a 10, imperfections in our destiny 9 times outta 10.
— Damar The Emcee


Unique and forward thinking, Damar the Emcee takes Hip Hop into the future with his latest project ‘Unorthodox Poetry Pieces’. Production wise, the tape takes on a hip hop / jazz / R&B overtone. The production brings smooth relaxing vibes, rhythmic percussion elements, and unique structure. It’s amazing that all 12 instrumentals stay within the same mood but sound distinctly different.

Lyrically, Damar the Emcee brings a one of a kind approach. He raps with aggression, repeats key phrases to drive them home, and sets up his metaphors and punchlines a different way each time. Damar does an awesome job of pushing the envelope and taking what the past has brought and turning it into something brand new. Check out this project today if you’re looking for hip hop with wisdom, perspective, and originality.

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Syrup City Saint

Syrup City Saint

Album Review


A slow, dramatic build up opens the record as the listener patiently waits for the beat to drop. Von5019 hits the track with a laid back, confident, metaphorically flow that draws comparisons to a BIG hip hop legend from NYC. The production is simple, the perfect canvas allowing you to hear each of Von’s words clearly. In just a few minutes you can feel the honesty and relatable perspective Von is coming from, leaving you anticipating more. 


Misery loves company and many people you come across don’t want to see you win, they would rather see you fail. Von takes a dive into this subject as he asks why people have this negative mentality and speaks on what it takes to overcome. The production is unique here, drums with a range in their note scale are the highlight. Von also adds a solid feature verse to the record, more bars giving you the motivation to follow your dreams despite the naysayers. 


Lessons are the basis of life, we make choices right and wrong then learn from the consequences. Von perfectly sets this message to music in ‘Life’ showing how we have to adapt and make the best of what we have. The instrumental included a soulful singing sample that really fits with the calming, hopeful tone of the lyrics. Von once again shows wisdom and understanding in this record that not only gives the listener something to relate to but also to learn. 


When you have someone real in your corner it’s hard to want for anything else. Von paints a vivid picture of the security and qualities a solid woman will provide. Stating how she was there for him when he didn’t have much, Von describes how this show of loyalty has earned his affection. In a genre constantly criticized for how it portrays women, ‘Rider’ is a much needed record in hip hop today. 


Guitar strings, hi hats, and a groovy bass line set the mood for ‘Threats’. Von speaks on those out here today that think playing the tough guy card is the only way to gain respect. You can feel the disgust and lack of respect Von has for these fabricators throughout the song. This track is a smooth ride and a statement to the listeners who should watch for the signs and avoid these liars at all costs. 

Too Long

Floating over a classic Drake sample, Von laments about past relationships on ‘Too Long’. This record is an honest, vulnerable look at how Von didn’t appreciate someone and he presently regrets how the relationship ended. The production is solid, featuring synths and fitting smooth percussion elements laced with a looked over but dope sample. Von shows maturity here as he takes the blame for his mistakes and explains how his greed made him lose what was most important. 

Steven Seagal

Von uses this track as an opportunity to showcase his lyrical ability. The track is split in two separate parts as a dope beat change brings in a new verse and flow. Von opens the record showcasing the flow, wordplay, and storytelling skills. The gems of wisdom and witty rap style show Von has swagger to match his depth. 

Stress About You

Honesty is rare today and Von brings all truth to his love interest on ‘Stress About You’. He speaks on how even though she may be in his life, she can’t be the main priority. The production has an R&B feel, led by synths with strong bass and percussion elements. Von ends the record talking directly to the ladies with some hard to hear, blunt facts. 


Proving that storytelling is not a lost art in hip hop, Von tells a gripping story in ‘Telly’. The vocabulary is strong on this track, giving the listener the ability to visualize as they head the record. Voicemails bring even more realism to the story and adds a layer of emotion towards the ending. The production is great as well as the uptempo pace matches with the growing anticipation of the story as it develops. 


Speaking to those who turned their back on Von during his come up, ‘Snakes’ is a confident message of success. Despite the inconvenience and unfavorable circumstance that haters can bring, Von promises to accomplish his goals no matter what. Von showcases his trademark flow, as he effortlessly floats over the beat kicking principles. ‘Snakes’ has a fitting message for the final track on the project, summing up what it takes to persevere.


No need to rap about the strap just know that I keep one, my mind is a weapon, been busting since adolescence, got my message out them lessons my t baby was stressing...
— Von5019


'Syrup City Saint' is a major production and has the feeling of a movie premiere for Von5019 as this much anticipated project has a lot to offer. Von5019 brings a very mature perspective in his music, you can sense this from his choice of vocabulary, the concepts in each record, and the honesty in which he tells what he has seen, been through, and believes. 'Syrup City Saint' is many things for the listener as it can be something to relate to and also a way to learn the best way to approach some tough, yet common situations for us all. These include things like relationships, jealousy, lust, and many other emotions and situations we all commonly face.

Von's beat selection is soulful, with a. moderate tempo yet a bounce that gives each record a groove. Von's lyrical style is laid back with a versatile flow that dances across the instruments. The punchlines and metaphor come across in more of a wordplay manner, showing the originality and witty concepts Von is able to create. 'Syrup City Saint' is a solid offering and definitely the record for hip hop fans across the board as it speaks to you from the heart and brings the rapping skills needed to make great music.